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Lost a further 14 pounds so i ended up 2 pounds better than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams.It also provides you with a one-on-one weight loss coaching service devoted to helping you through those first few days on program.

They are a long standing and highly respected company that have been providing successful diets to customers since the 1970s.Get on to the company ASAP if you get anything serious like this.I was a black coffee and one huge meal a day guy and gaining weight.I told my friends about what I was doing with NS cause I thought they should all know I was trying to lose weight and they were supportive too.I am now unfortunitely back on the prednisone for the next 18 days.I was constantly bloated with stomach pains and awful bowel movements.So I tried one of your tips you wrote in another article about eating slowly and putting the fork down after each bite.So, FOR ME, adding in powerfuels feels like unnecessary calories and money.

Yes, the servings were smaller but that was not a problem for me.I especially loved the snacks (the chocolate delight bar was my favorite).I take breaks from the computer every hour or two and go out for a short run or I use the communal pool and swim a few lengths, dry off and get back to work again.I just tripled the one I chose so it would not become laborous.I read your Nutrisystem review and I enjoyed reading it as it is a good article.Hey Quannie, exercise when combined with a Nutrisystem diet is generally very effective at shedding those excess pounds.

Plus the diet itself is low in saturated fats and I read someplace that they are bad for arthritis sufferers.But I started eating the food and you know, I thought it actually tasted pretty good.

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A NS nutritionist e-mailed me a list of low sodium foods (which I added this month).I read a recent report that states that there were something like 6.5 billion obese people living in the world back in 2006.It would also help you to talk to their customer support about your specific needs as they can advise you on ways to customize your diet to better suit you.It was the 15th day after I had ordered based on a promotion offering a full refund within 14 days.

Hopefully I will loss at least the 30 I gained if not more by graduation in May of this coming year 2011.The answer to your question is you need to fix the cause of your weight gain (hypothyroidism) first.Mohamed, that is an incredible amount of weight to lose over a sustained period, so well done.You are definitely on the right track by exercising and eating healthily, this way you should not gain that weight back and may even continue to lose a little here and there over time.I just started the program and am wondering if you or anyone else had trouble restraining from ripping them all open and nibbling.Although it is not as convenient, I did have more success on that plan several years ago and will give it another try.

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I found that when I spaced my meals out properly I tend to lose weight.I just prepared the family meals as usual and had mine ready the same time as theirs so we all sat down to the table together and ate as a family.But, are the pasta dishes in NS and the other diets any different.I thought the meatloaf and mashed potatoes tasted like dog food.Yeah, there was another layer below the first one in the box with the main meals and desserts.I bought some extra thin sliced bread, toasted it and put it on that.

It was enough to prove to me that I was capable of going all the way, but I did the rest on my own through eating right and exercising every day.Adding some veg to the soups is a good idea and one that NS recommends if you have trouble with feeling hungry.Eating less can actually slow your metabolism down and that can halt the weight loss.

You can do the diet completely with natural food, and you can substitute natural food for any meal or snack at any time.I prefer some of the meals more than others but it is easy to go online and adjust what will be sent in the next order.We (as a community), appreciate it and the chance to comment and tell our own version of our NS stories.How do you know which plan to use for that particular illness to stay healthy and lose weight.As long as I have an exact plan to follow, I know I will have the motivation to follow it.It was pretty simple and made easy cause the meals are already packaged up for you.I want to Partner with companies I do business with, not be a Mark to be fleeced.The meals are a mix of processed and fresh frozen, so if your okay with that, then this could be good for you.

I dont see how everyone is complaining about the small meals and being hungry in between.So I imagine the food stayed pretty hot the whole time (it is June).The NS website says that 1-2 pounds a week is common but there seem to be many losing 10-15 pounds a month.Please realize that to lose weight you really need to eat less food — you have to train yourself to grow accustomed to eating smaller meals.Tried NS last year and was disappointed after the first month.Take a read through this website too, this guy knows a thing on losing weight.

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Lynn, the best thing to do is get on the phone with Nutrisystem and ask to speak with their support (not sales).Thank you so much for your review and for all the people who wrote in with their honest assessments, successes and even failures.